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What it is: a soft, synthetic kabuki brush by e.l.f., which costs $6.  It is available in most Targets.

The brush: Kabuki brushes are expensive.  We all know that.  Thankfully, this adorable little brush is one of e.l.f.’s inexpensive gems.

First of all, it’s soft.  Soooooo soft.  When I first purchased this brush, I must have spent ten minutes just rubbing it against my face.  Shedding isn’t a problem; it lost a little hair the first couple of times I washed it, but after those first times, the shedding pretty much ended.  So, nothing to worry about.  The hairs aren’t too skimpy, like many other cheap face brushes.  While they’re not jam packed in there, it’s a reasonably dense brush, meaning that it really does deposit a good amount of color onto your face.

I really can’t say enough good things about this brush.  It’s very multi-purpose.  I would recommend it for blush, bronzing, setting powder, and blending.  I most often use it to set my liquid foundation around the edges with a little bit of powder foundation, and it applies the powder quite evenly.

The only thing I might not recommend this brush for is straight-up powder foundation.  If you’re just going for a light coverage, then you should be golden, but if you need some thick coverage with your powder foundation, this might not be your best option.  While it blends, sweeps, and sets powders wonderfully, the one thing this brush isn’t great at is pressing powders into the skin.

Overall: An extremely multi-purpose brush, and great quality even when compared with middle/high end kabuki brushes.  Small, good for traveling, incredibly soft, and only six dollars!  I highly recommend it.  And the way I feel about most e.l.f. products is - it’s worth a shot, because even if you don’t like it, it only cost a few dollars.

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    I love this brush. I use it for applying the hd elf powder.
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